There are several ways for volunteers to contribute to the Sulzbacher Center. For more information about supporting our meal program, community service, or our volunteer application process,please see below.

Feed the hungry.
The Sulzbacher Center is the only place in Northeast Florida that serves 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to some of Jacksonville's most needy residents. That adds up to over 560,000 nutritious meals each year, half of which are provided by Volunteer Meal Groups from our community. But there are still hundreds of opportunities for new groups to support our meal program. Businesses, religious groups and civic organizations are all welcome in the Sulzbacher Center kitchen.

As a Volunteer Meal Group, you will immediately see the impact of your generosity in the grateful faces of the men, women and children who walk through our serving line. A warm meal, a safe place to sleep and caring support from staff and volunteers - these simple things transform lives every day at the Sulzbacher Center.

In addition to helping prepare and serve a meal, Volunteer Meal Groups are asked to make a donation to cover the cost of the meal. In spite of rising food costs, meals at the Sulzbacher Center are still a bargain. For just one dollar per plate, we feed every hungry man, woman and child who stands in line at meal time. Please c
lick here for everything you need to know about serving as a volunteer meal group, including the mininmum donation requirement, shifts, and structure of our program. 


Submit an Online Volunteer Meal Group Application

Download a Volunteer Meal Group application >>

Community Service Volunteers
Opportunities for individuals who wish to volunteer in order to complete hours that have been mandated by a school or other entity are limited and are accepted on a case by case basis. Generally, an individual needs to have at least an eight week window from the time they begin the application process to the time they must have their hours completed. Please note that we can not accommodate court ordered community service. Contact Jasmine Souers at (904) 394-8084 or jasminesouers@tscjax.org for more information.

Individual Volunteers
Individual volunteers are an integral part of our organization and we always welcome new people. Individuals who wish to volunteer for their own personal reasons with no institutional obligation should download the volunteer packet by clicking here

Download a list of general volunteer opportunities.


In-Kind Donation Drives

Volunteers can support the Sulzbacher Center by conducting in-kind donation drives in the community.

Find out more about our current donation drives >>

We are currently not accepting any volunteers or volunteer activties until after July 1, 2016. Any applications submitted prior to July 1 will not be reviewed until then.

Get Started

 Becoming a Sulzbacher volunteer is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Click here to submit your volunteer application online!

1.       APPLICATION | Click here to download the volunteer application. Please use the list of volunteer opportunities above to indicate your areas of interest on your volunteer application. Currently, we are accepting volunteers for the following positions:

o   Adult Activities Coordinator

o   Computer Lab Companion (Tuesdays and Thursdays 2PM-5PM)

o   Individual Kitchen Helper and Groups smaller than 5 (first Sunday of every month, 3-7PM)

o   Children's Activity Coordinator /Event Assistant

o   Volunteer Meal Groups (5-10 participants)

2.     BACKGROUND SCREENING | Background screenings are required to volunteer at The Center. The cost is $8 and instructions to complete the screening are attached to the application. Individuals who have committed violent and/or sex crimes will be deemed ineligible to volunteer.

3.     ORIENTATION | Volunteer orientations are required for individuals to help them gain understanding of the Center, the services we provide, and the ways they can truly give back to their community by lending a helping hand. Volunteer orientations are once a month and alternate between the first Tuesday at 3pm and third Thursday at 4:30pm. After you’ve completed your application and background screening, you can click here to register for a volunteer orientation.

Restrictions: The minimum age to volunteer is 12 with adult supervision. Individuals ages 12-17 must complete a Youth Statement of Good Moral Character. Click here to download the Youth Statement of Good Moral Character.The adult accompanying the youth volunteer must complete an application and background screening on their behalf. If you are looking to complete community service hours you must allow at least 8 weeks from the time you finish your orientation to the time you are hours are due. Please note that we cannot guarantee enough volunteer opportunities to complete your hours in any given time restriction as opportunities often fluctuate.