Your gift can make a real difference.

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Your gift can make a real difference.
At the Sulzbacher Center, we do not shy away from ambitious goals. Yet to face great challenges we require equally great resources. While we receive limited public funding, we rely heavily on private gifts, in-kind donations and volunteers. In short, we need your support.

We know the way home. Restoring human dignity and transforming lives is what we do best. And we ask you to join us in helping our neighbors who still have so far to go.


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No amount is too little.
Even the smallest gift can make a big difference in someone's life.


One meal
for a hungry


One day of


Supplies for a
children's arts
& crafts project



Scholarship for a
semester of our high school
equivalency program


Provide dentures
for one of our


Five weeks of
summer camp
for our children


For more information on making a financial donation, please contact Linda Hemphill at (904) 394-8051 or