Sulzbacher Center Health Services

Health Services

Our campus is home to the Hugh H. Jones Medical and Dental Building, which offers a complete range of health-care services to residents of the Sulzbacher Center and to others in need in our community. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive medical assessment and treatment for any health issues that are discovered. Community partners help in many areas, including providing free medication, medical case management, health-education classes, vision screenings, low-cost glasses, wheelchairs, and much more.

The center benefits from the services of nurses, doctors, residents and interns from the University of Florida, Florida State University, Jacksonville University and the University of North Florida.

Our comprehensive care includes:

Primary Health Care
Uninsured patients who are homeless or living in not stable housing receive top-quality health care in our clinic for little or no cost. For an appointment call 394-8069.

Behavioral Health Care
Our behavioral health clinicians provide assessments, psychiatric and counseling services  to uninsured patients who are homeless or living in not stable housing. To schedule an appointment call 394-1656.

Dental Care
Comprehensive dental services are available for a nominal fee for patients who are uninsured patients  and homeless or living in not stable housing. For an appointment call 394-8060.

Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)
Our staff helps patients who meet the PAP guidelines access medications free of charge. NOTE: We do not prescribe controlled substances.