Employment Services at the Sulzbacher Center

Employment Services

Income is critical.
Our new comprehensive job placement and training services are top notch. When an individual enters shelter they are given a literacy assessment. This assessment tells the case manager What type of career placement or education services the person will need.

In the spring of 2012 the Sulzbacher Center forged a new partnership with Florida State  College at Jacksonville. The two organizations are partnering to provide the Pathways to College - High School Equivalency Program for 20 Sulzbacher residents a semester. The program allows residents to earn their High School Equivalency diploma and improve their access to the local job market.

During the Spring of 2013 the Sulzbacher Center launched its first Customer Service and Computer Skills Training class. This three week long course, taught by professors from Florida State College at Jacksonville, teaches students concepts for success in customer service and basic Microsoft computer skills. Upon completion of the program graduates will be given a skills assessment and have the potential to be placed in jobs by Incepture, a Jacksonville-based staffing agency that offers recruitment services for companies throughout Florida. 

Job Placement
WorkNet  is a proven process for creatively overcoming any barrier a job candidate faces. People once considered unemployable are empowered and equipped toward economic self-sufficiency. WorkNet uses creative and engaging instruction and materials to prepare the most difficult-to-place to begin careers, not just get jobs. Facilitator Guides equip you to accommodate various learning styles in an interactive environment, and they offer practical ideas for personal application.

Among the topics included are:

  • Exploring careers in occupational fields participants enjoy.
  • Understanding how employers think.
  • Identifying solutions to employment barriers.
  • Developing good answers to tough interviewing questions.
  • Planning an effective job search.
  • Writing a resume that results in an interview.

Our on-site Goodwill job placement  assistance and life skills programs give our residents are given the tools they need to secure jobs with the prospect of long-term success. Support for participants in our Goodwill program includes  assistance with transportation,  work boots and uniforms.