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Sulzbacher Center is an equal opportunity employer. We consider applicants for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, disability, or any other legally protected status.

The employees of the Sulzbacher Center are a family of dedicated and talented professionals working together to help homeless men, women and children find the way home. If you are looking for an opportunity to use your skills to rebuild lives, we look forward to hearing from you.


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This posting was updated on 12/15/14.

Communications and Outreach Specialist: (NEW) – The role of Communications and Outreach Specialist in the homeless shelter environment is to support the mission and vision of The Sulzbacher Center (the center) by communicating the Center’s needs and opportunities to the community. The position is the direct contact for media inquiries and works to develop positive relationships with all types of media. This includes: recruiting and assigning appropriate volunteers to expand and improve the services and resources available to residents, supplement the work of paid staff and improve the center's daily operations; managing all social media content and outlets; interacting with individuals and community organizations, including clubs, corporations, religious organizations and schools, in order to educate the community about homelessness, raise awareness of the center's programs and promote volunteer and donor support for the center. This communication includes managing all social media, websites, and direct mail. The Communications and Outreach Specialist interacts with residents, staff, volunteers, community partners and the public with courtesy and respect and is responsible for presenting a positive public image of The Sulzbacher Center. This full-time, exempt position requires a flexible schedule that includes evenings and weekends and some holidays. The work schedule is 40 hours per week, 5 days per week (must work some Saturdays) and may change according to the Center’s needs.
Education & Experience: Bachelors Degree. Minimum of 2 years experience in PR/Media relations.
Skills: Outstanding oral, written and public speaking skills. Excellent computer skills including proficiency in Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word and Excel software packages. Training and experience using Raiser’s Edge software preferred. Organized, self-motivated with strong initiative and work ethic and the ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment. Detail-oriented and able to manage information accurately. Excellent interpersonal skills. Must enjoy and be able and willing to work effectively with a wide variety of personalities. Excellent customer service skills, computer and social media skills. Able to establish cooperative working relationships with residents, staff, volunteers, donors and community partners. Able to work with limited resources to find creative and practical solutions to the center's unmet volunteer and in-kind donations needs through community outreach. Flexible, enthusiastic and energetic. Professional manner and appearance.
Hours: Full-Time; 40 hours per week.
Respite Technician – The Medical Respite Technician provides quality supportive care to residents of the Sulzbacher Medical Respite. Under the supervision of the Senior Respite Manager, the Technician’s clinical duties include assisting patients with personal hygiene, accompanying patients to clinic appointments where needed, assisting patients to maintain the cleanliness of their rooms, and reporting pertinent information to the Senior Respite Manager or clinic healthcare provider. The technician also coordinates with the clinic personnel, case managers and other members of the healthcare team to support efficient respite operations and ensure a positive patient experience. 
Education & Experience: High School Diploma or GED, Certified Nursing Assistant or Patient Care Technician preferred; EMT, Medical Assistants. 
Skills: Current CPR certificate; ability to work various shifts as required to ensure that health services are adequately administered; Excellent interpersonal, communication and time management skills. 
Hours: Part-Time; Weekends 7pm-7am. 
Senior Manager, Medical Respite – The Senior Manager Medical Respite is responsible for planning, managing, delivering, and evaluating services offered by the Sulzbacher Medical Respite Program. In addition to patient care responsibilities, this position directly supervises all employed and volunteer personnel working in the Medical Respite. The Senior Manager actively collaborates with healthcare providers in the Sulzbacher Clinics to ensure holistic patient care, and maintains documentation and patient records in accordance with regulatory and Center policies. He/she is also responsible for maintaining regular communication with referring hospitals and medical centers, including piloting and implementing strategies to adapt and improve respite services.
Education and Experience: Valid Florida RN license; minimum 5 years experience in a relevant clinical setting.
Skills: Excellent interpersonal, communication and time management skills; previous supervisory/management experience preferred; physically able to work in a fast-paced environment with minimal supervision.
Hours: Full-Time.
Physician - Program Lead/Associate Director for HIV Clinic – The Program Lead, HIV Clinic provides comprehensive primary health care to eligible patients for the HIV Specialty Clinic. In accordance with established treatment guidelines/protocols and criteria outlined in partnership with the Florida Department of Health (DOH), he/she will provide oversight and strategic direction for all clinic activities, and will act as the primary point of contact with the DOH. The Program Lead will coordinate care with other Sulzbacher clinic directors (primary care, dental, behavioral health) to ensure a holistic patient approach, and will liaise with other organizations involved in and dedicated to furthering the mission of HIV prevention and treatment. 
Education & Experience: Florida licensed physician with current valid Florida medical license; Minimum two years experience in the prevention and treatment of communicable diseases including HIV and Hepatitis C (AAHIVM certification preferred); previous experience providing programmatic HIV/AIDS services a plus; previous supervisory experience preferred.
Skills:  Knowledge of reporting requirements of HIV and STD diseases; good understanding of State and Federal requirements related to HIV and STDs; excellent interpersonal, communications and time management skills with ability to work in fast paced environment and take appropriate action.
Hours: Part-Time; 4 days/week.
Senior Medical Assistant for HIV Clinic - The Senior Medical Assistant is a key member of the HIV specialty clinic team. He/she plays an important role to help ensure a positive patient experience and efficient clinic operations by assisting healthcare providers in the conduct of patient care. Examples include recording patient height, weight, vital signs, medical history and current complaints; drawing blood; providing basic wound care and administering medications as directed by the physician. The Senior Assistant also ensures examination rooms are prepared and ready for the healthcare provider, obtains authorization of release of medical records, maintains medical records, and assists in billing / coding / EMR documentation activities.
Education & Experience: High School Diploma / GED, Certified Medical Assistant with minimum 3 years medical office/clinic experience. Current CPR certificate and phlebotomy drawing certificate required. Previous experience with HIV patients a plus.
Skills: Knowledge of electronic medical records preferred; excellent interpersonal, communications and time management skills with ability to work in fast paced environment.
Hours: Part-Time; 4 days/week.
Medical Case Manager for HIV Clinic - The Medical Case Manager assists patients by identifying the most effective support services and developing a detailed action plan to address their medical and social needs. He/she consults with external agencies to identify and arrange for appropriate support resources to help patients meet their goals, and maintains comprehensive records of patient progress through the process. The Medical Case Manager coordinates closely all clinic personnel and the Department of Health as needed to ensure accurate identification of patient needs and to avoid duplication of services. 
Education & Experience: Associates degree – Bachelor’s degree preferred; minimum 1 year experience working with homeless or at risk population; previous experience working with HIV positive/AIDS patients preferred.
Skills: Excellent interpersonal, communications, problem solving and time management skills; ability to work in fast paced environment.
Hours: Full Time.
Director, Behavioral Health – The Director, Behavioral Health Services is responsible for the management of the Center’s behavioral health clinic and related services. He/she clinically supervises all behavioral health care providers and oversees collaborations / partnerships with other organizations that provide related patient care (e.g., substance abuse). This highly responsible position encompasses both clinical and administrative responsibilities, including establishing and maintaining relationships with educational institutions, other health organizations, and professional associations.
Education & Experience: MD; Florida licensed; Board certification preferred
Skills: Minimum of 5-7 years experience in a clinical setting, previous supervisory experience, and excellent interpersonal and time management skills. 
Hours: Full Time.
Optometrist – The Optometrist (Assistant Director Primary Care) coordinates his/her services with the Primary Care team to ensure a holistic patient approach. The Optometrist conducts examinations for visual acuity and to identify the presence of pathology. He/she detects and diagnoses abnormal visual, ocular and/or systemic conditions, and prescribes corrective lenses and/or appropriate treatment including prescribing therapeutic drugs to treat specific eye conditions. 
Education & Experience: Graduate of an accredited school of optometry. Licensed to practice in the state of Florida
Skills: Minimum three years experience in a clinical setting. Knowledge of electronic medical records preferred and excellent interpersonal and time management skills.
Hours: Part-Time; 2 days/week.
Nurse Specialist, Medical Home for Homeless Children – The Nurse Specialist is responsible for helping homeless families to access health care services within the model of a Medical Home, coordinating care to address the acute and chronic physical, mental, dental and developmental needs of both caretakers and children. He/she will work in collaboration with the case management staff from multiple local homeless shelters and the health care agencies serving these families. The Nurse Specialist will also provide health education (especially Nurturing Parenting) and disease prevention services to the shelters and families.
Education & Experience: Completion of an accredited nursing program with active licensure as a Registered Nurse to practice in the State of Florida; BSN preferred. Minimum of 2 years experience in Public Health Nursing. Focus on Maternal/Child Health, Disease Prevention and Systems of Care preferred. Certification in Nurturing Parenting (must be attained within 6 months of hire).
Skills: Current CPR certification; Excellent interpersonal, communication and management skills, Strong computer, writing and communication skills and the ability to multi-task and work with deadlines.
Hours:  Part-Time.
Case Manager for Single Men – The role of the Case Manager is to promote the client’s achievement of self-sufficiency by providing concrete pathways that will assist them in reaching their housing, medical, and financial outcomes.  In addition, the Case Manager addresses individual needs for transportation, employment, medical/mental health issues, and assists clients through the application process for available resources.  The Case Manager works cooperatively with other community agencies to find additional resources for their clients and serves as an advocate against systemic barriers to homelessness.  As the clients’ most personal and direct staff contact, the Case Manager interacts with clients in a way that fosters health, mutual respect, clear communication, and positive self regard.
Education & Experience: Bachelor’s degree in social services or related field required; Two years experience preferred. 
Skills:  Excellent interpersonal, customer service, communication, writing and computer skills, and the ability to multi-task and work with deadlines.
Hours: Full Time; Monday-Friday.
EMT/Medical Advocate – The role of the Medical Advocate in the homeless shelter environment is to attend to the medical needs of guest’s located in the shelter and assist with medical emergencies located in the shelter. The Medical Advocate must assess the needs and level of crisis in medical emergencies to determine appropriate response: on site stabilization; hospital transport; 911 emergency call; etc.  The Medical Advocate will work in partnership with an assigned Case Manager in order to assure measurable positive outcomes for their jointly assigned resident caseload.  As the day to day contact, the Advocate encourages their assigned residents to follow their case plan (Pathway) and acts as an on-going support system for these residents. The Advocate also performs routine shelter operation tasks such as serving meals, issuing supplies and working with the Facility Operations Manager to maintain safety and security of the facility. The Advocate interacts with clients in a supportive way that fosters health, mutual respect, clear communication and positive self regard.
Education & Experience:  High School Diploma or GED; Certified EMT or paramedic required.
Skills:   Excellent customer service, communication and interpersonal skills; Ability to establish cooperative working relationships with guests, co-workers, volunteers and visitors to the center; CPR Certification within 90 days of hire; Valid Florida driver’s license and good driving record;  Physically able to work in a fast-paced multitasked environment;  Able to work various shifts including nights and weekends to serve the needs of the shelter.
Hours: PRN – Hours vary.

Equal Opportunity Employer

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